At HOPES, we say it all the time and witness it every day, an individual’s health is much more than medical care alone. As a Patient Centered Medical Home, HOPES provides integrated medical and wellness services, with a focus on lowering barriers for underserved communities.

Our onsite wellness services include case management, diabetes management, nutrition, harm reduction, substance use counseling and art classes. You read that right! Every other week, many of our HIV positive patients come together in our community rooms for art class.

According to Americans For the Arts, “there is a rich and growing body of research connecting arts in healthcare programs to improved quality of care for patients, their families and even medical staff.”

Our HIV positive patients aren’t the only patients who benefit from onsite arts, HOPES also partners with Note-Able Music Therapy Services, offering onsite music therapy classes. Music therapy can: improve self-image and increase self-esteem, decrease anxiety and physical agitation, and provide a space for safe emotional release.

Offering art classes and services onsite benefits our patients, our staff and supports our vision to create a healthier community. We see first-hand the benefits of the arts and are proud sponsors of Artown and the many ways they connect all people to the arts and offer programming to everyone.

“The arts are a critical component of healthcare. Expressive art is a tool to explore, develop and practice creativity as a means to wellness.” ~ Wellarts Association