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Intensive Outpatient Program


A step between hospitalization and traditional therapy

Northern Nevada HOPES (HOPES) offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as a way for patients to address emotional issues, substance use, or trauma and resume their daily lives. This program provides a level of care between traditional outpatient therapy and inpatient hospitalization. Contact the Intake & Eligibility team to get started at 775-786-4673.

provider comforting patient

Why offer an IOP?

HOPES has made it our mission to make this type of treatment more available so people struggling with substance use, mental health disorders or behavioral issues can get the help they need.

This program is for those 18 years and older who are experiencing behavioral, substance use, or emotional difficulties. The Intensive Outpatient Program may also be helpful for adults when stepping down from inpatient hospitalization or residential care, so they can transition back into their family and community successfully.

HOPES IOP includes individual therapy and group therapy, and treatment will be tailored to meet each patient’s needs.

Paying for care

HOPES takes most insurance plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. HOPES also cares for uninsured patients. If you don’t have insurance, we use a sliding fee scale which adjusts cost based on what you can afford to pay. Our team meets with all new patients to make sure they can get the care they need.

HOPES team member assisting with patient intake
“I can’t believe how much that program helped. I am floored. I am a totally different person. I used to say I miss the old me, and now I have the old me back with better boundaries.”
– Kendra, HOPES’ Intensive Outpatient Program patient