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Get Prepared to Talk to Your Teen About Sex

Remember back when you were 15 years old?

Perhaps you remember riding your bike through the hills of Northwest Reno, behind McQueen High School before the suburban boom. Maybe you just got your first iPod, rocking out to some now classic 90’s hits, or you might have been wearing bell bottom jeans or teasing your hair before homeroom.

15 year olds today live in a much different world than that of even five years ago. Though our world has changed, the hallmarks of adolescence stay the same: puberty, sexual exploration, and the search for independence.

At HOPES, we’re here to help make this exciting time as risk-free as possible. You may be familiar with our pediatric unit that offers amazing care, regular vaccines, and referrals to many other important programs like behavioral health counseling.

HOPES also offers the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program to help teens make informed decisions about sex. Having a family is one of the greatest milestones in life, so we want to make sure you and your teens are educated and prepared to act safely and plan.

Interested? Here’s some info on our programs we offer here at HOPES:

  • Families Talking Together is a family/parent focused class that prepares parents for discussions regarding sex, protection, and risk reduction with their kids 10 or older.
  • Seventeen Days is for adolescent girls 14-19 years old and prepares them to make safer choices through “choose your own adventure” types of situations with girls like themselves in realistic situations.
  • HealthyU is an upcoming program for adolescent boys ages 14-19. This program provides accurate information through creative myth busting. It addresses stereotypes, life choices, and positive (but planned) fatherhood.

Do you have an upcoming pediatric appointment? You may hear from our health educators as they invite teens and their parents to participate in the programs above. Sessions usually only take 1 hour, and HOPES will offer regular, monthly sessions starting January 2019.

Are you interested and don’t want to wait until your next appointment? Contact us with the info below and we’ll get an appointment set up to talk about a safer adolescence and what choices may be right for you!

One last note – since November is Sexual Health Awareness Month, go out and get tested! Sexually Transmitted Infections can be nasty little buggers that can have lifelong ramifications, so it is always best to be safe than sorry. If you need condoms, grab a few (or a handful!) during your next HOPES visit!

Written by Andraya Dickens, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator at HOPES.

If you would like to contact our TPP team, you can call 775-997-7583 or email adickens@nnhopes.org.

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