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25 HOPES Programs and Services Highlight: MAT Program

25 HOPES Programs and Services Highlight: MAT Program

Quote: My life means something today because the MAT program gave me the tools to essentially be in control. Now I have a purpose.” – Sharlee, HOPES Patient

Addiction is a chronic disease affecting the body and mind. Like heart disease, diabetes, or any number of chronic diseases, addiction requires treatment. The Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) team at Northern Nevada HOPES specializes in the treatment of addiction and Substance Use Disorders (SUD). MAT is a combination of medication and behavioral therapy. It is an effective, evidenced-based treatment option for individuals with SUD including alcohol and opioid use disorders.

Our whole-patient, team approach helps to provide these individuals with the tools they need for long term recovery and success with significant positive impacts on their quality of life. MAT helps people regain relationships with their family and friends, reduce issues related to criminal involvement and maintain steady employment and housing.

We understand that addiction treatment is complex. There is not one absolute, sure-fire model or approach that works for everyone. We know recovery must be individualized and we work with each patient to focus of their needs in order to determine the most effective treatment plan. Along with individualized care, our MAT program is founded upon clear, established guiding principles which include the promotion of personal responsibility and accountability and connection with others by way of group and/or individual therapy.

Medication-assisted treatment can lead to improved outcomes in long-term recovery and quality of life. Many people may not be aware of the potential benefits of MAT as addiction treatment is often misunderstood. Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with the treatment team. Our team at Northern Nevada HOPES is here to assist you in navigating the most effective pathway to recovery and to help determine if MAT is right for you.


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