"Here at HOPES we boldly declare that the forgotten, the ignored, the rejected, the invisible, no matter what your skin color, or your income level or your gender, we say whether you are upper class, middle class, lower class or if society says you have no class whatsoever, you are a human being and that makes you exceptional and here at HOPES you will fit right in."

– Sharon Chamberlain, CEO of HOPES

Celebrate our 25th Anniversary with us on April 8 and all year long!

Did you know that in 1997, HOPES opened the first HIV clinic in the region? We started small, but since the day we opened our doors, Northern Nevada HOPES has been focused on offering integrative, innovative and inclusive care.

On February 1, 2016, after 20 years of providing HIV/AIDS care, we opened the Stacie Mathewson Wellness Center, a three-story, 38,000 square foot building in downtown Reno. Opening the new clinic offered us the opportunity to expand existing medical and wellness services, while launching new services such as pediatric primary care, pharmacy, on-site x-ray and labs, a Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) program, preventative health programs including teen pregnancy prevention, nutrition, diabetes prevention, a PrEP and PEP Clinic, and so much more.

HOPES is a place for people to take control of their health, a place where anyone can access healthcare, regardless of social standing or ability to pay.

From our early days as a single-room HIV/AIDS clinic to the community health center we are today, caring for 12,000 individuals and families, HOPES continues to serve Northern Nevada’s most marginalized, overlooked and underserved. We tackle our community’s hardest problems with resolve and compassion — from chronic disease to addiction to housing to homelessness.

Our Mission

Northern Nevada HOPES provides affordable, high-quality, medical, behavioral health, and support services for all.

Tell us how we met

Are you a current or former patient, board member, staff member, donor, or community partner who has had a special experience with the HOPES Clinic, staff and community in the last 25 years? If so, take 5 minutes to share your HOPEStory and be part of our 25th Anniversary.

Northern Nevada HOPES provides innovative, individualized care to patients who have historically been marginalized and overlooked.


We’re grateful for our generous supporters who contribute to this work and help us reach our vision to create a healthier community. When you donate to HOPES, 91% goes directly to patient services.



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Doug Brewer, Board President of HOPES, Receives NVPCA’s 2022 Exceptional Board Leadership Award

Northern Nevada HOPES is celebrating its 25th Anniversary of providing medical care, behavioral health care and wrap-around services to patients no one else would, in a way no one else could. While HOPES has been in our community for decades, its expansion to provide primary care and serve more individuals…
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25 Years of Partner Love: Community Health Alliance

Partnerships have played a vital role to care and serve HOPES patients throughout our 25-year history. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to share our gratitude for some of our best community partners during this month of love. This week, we are celebrating our partners at Community Health Alliance (CHA).…
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