ATTENTION HOPES Patients: All Northern Nevada HOPES clinics and pharmacies are closed on 6/11 due to an unexpected power outage. 

 ATENCIÓN Pacientes de HOPES: Todos clínicas y farmacias están cerradas el 6/11 debido a un corte de energía inesperado

Remember & Commit: World AIDS Day 2023


Remember & Commit: World AIDS Day 2023

December 1st is World AIDS Day. Today is the 35th year of the global initiative echoing the theme “Remember and Commit”, from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. This is a moment of reflection on the battle against HIV, honoring lives lost, and renewing our commitment to eradicating this public health threat.

Northern Nevada HOPES opened in 1997 as the region’s first HIV/AIDS clinic and 26 years later, we’re reminded our daily work isn’t just a routine; it’s a lifeline for those living with HIV/AIDS. The impact is evident in the 12% decline in new HIV infections from 2017 to 2021 in the U.S., emphasizing the significance of our collective efforts. Since HOPES opened in 1997, no babies have been born HIV positive in Washoe County that have been reported to us.

This World AIDS Day, wear red for a simple yet powerful gesture in solidarity with those fighting against or affected by this disease. Let’s remember, commit, and acknowledge the progress made in our ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS. Our work at HOPES contributes to a world where HIV is no longer a threat, stigma is eradicated, and compassionate care is extended to all.


Our Ryan White Coordinator, Yajaira Rios, went on air with Chris Buckley at KTVN Channel 2 News to talk about World AIDS Day and the services we provide here at Northern Nevada HOPES. Watch here.



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