A picture of Nancy

Putting yourself first is an important part of taking control of your health. For busy moms, that can be hard to do.

Nancy, a mother balancing a hectic schedule, knew this all too well. “In my life, I have always put my family first,” she said.“Their needs first.” Over time, she found she had let her own needs fall by the wayside. She knew she had to make some health changes to take better care of herself and her kids.

Nancy decided to invest in her health and joined HOPES’ nutrition program. She started taking the pre-diabetes classes, where she worked with staff to develop a plan customized to her life as a busy mom. She learned how to improve her eating habits and get more physical activity, which helped control her blood pressure and glucose levels. She even learned how to treat her anemia.

As a result, Nancy enjoys more energy for herself and her family. “My life is better today because of the care I received at HOPES,” she said. “My health has improved a lot.

When I think of HOPES, it makes me feel good because I know I can get my life back on track and I can keep it up.”

Our providers were motivated by Nancy’s progress as well. “Nancy fully embraced all the tools that HOPES offers to its patients,” said Chronic Disease Program Coordinator Amanda La Torre, MPH. “She is reaping the benefits! She feels better and her lab work has improved dramatically. Nancy is an example of why we offer these resources and programs.”