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Introducing HOPES’ Wellness Wednesday Tips

Northern Nevada HOPES recently started an Employee Wellness Committee (EWC). Each week, the Committee sends out health tips to our staff and now we’re going to share them with YOU!

Seasons of Eating

Produce that is eaten during its normal growing/harvest season is: 1) more nutrient dense, 2) more flavorful, and 3) cheaper.  Here is a guide for eating seasonally from the American Heart Association.

Find one of our EWC member’s favorite ways to get their fruit in during the winter.  Easy to prep for the week and so tasty. 

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Awareness months like this help to shed light on the challenges faced by those living with diabetes and the importance of proactive healthcare. Northern Nevada HOPES is dedicated to providing a holistic care system for individuals managing diabetes and prediabetes with personalized care and education.
Our very own Chief Behavioral Officer, Kristen Davis-Coelho, was interviewed by KOLO 8’s Emily Benito for tips on how to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is also known as “Seasonal Depression”.