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Integrated Care in Action – Jason’s Story

In 2019, Cindy was granted guardianship of her grandson Jason. Jason came to Cindy traumatized with emotional scars from some tough years. Focused on helping him heal, Cindy got Jason established as a patient at HOPES with pediatrician Dr. Kathleen O’Connor.

“I felt pretty alone. Without resources,” Cindy explains. “This child came from a broken home and was adrift, with very little socialization and boundaries. Then things got more chaotic emotionally for both of us during COVID.”

During their appointment, Dr. O’Connor asked Kyle Sundland, a HOPES social worker, to join them in the exam room. Once he had assessed Jason’s needs, Kyle connected Cindy with a HOPES behavioral health provider, and with Dr. Faraaz Merchant for pediatric psychiatry services. Jason was also prescribed medication, which Cindy was able to get onsite, at the HOPES pharmacy. All these services were scheduled during their appointment, as soon as the needs were determined, without delay. Jason meets weekly with his behavioral health provider for play therapy, and with Dr. Merchant on a regular basis. Cindy also has phone appointments to learn how to best support her grandson at home.

“Dr. Merchant is quiet and listens,” Cindy says. “He listens with his heart and with his brain. They all understand where I’m coming from. They get that balance that is so important.”

Jason and his grandmother are growing and healing with the support of their HOPES team. “He is making friends and has a normal play life,” Cindy says. “We do have our bumps in the road, but I am getting the skills from the HOPES team on how to handle this challenging situation.…I have hope. I have hope for healing for this child and me. Emotionally and physically for both of us.”

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