May is designated as Hepatitis Awareness Month in the United States, providing 31 days to raise awareness of viral hepatitis in the United States.

At HOPES, our vision is to create a heathier community and we know that part of our role as a leader in public health is to provide preventive care as well as access to services for all members of our community. That’s why we offer rapid, confidential and free Hep C testing at Change Point.

Last year our team performed 2,721 Hep C tests and referred many individuals with positive tests to our clinic where they receive treatment, case management and have access to our onsite pharmacy.

We’re glad to be a trusteed resource for our patients.

We have helped several patients access Hepatitis C treatment at HOPES’ clinic. One of our syringe exchange participants pursued treatment after testing positive for Hepatitis C. She met with one of our providers who started her on a medication that cures Hepatitis C in 8 weeks. Throughout this process, she eventually reached out for assistance with treatment so that she could get clean and sober. Working as a team, Change Point staff were able to assist her with accessing treatment at a local recovery center for women. She was able to successfully treat her Hepatitis C, which gave her confidence to pursue recovery.

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