COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

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Northern Nevada HOPES is invested in keeping our community safe and being a resource for our patients. We are working with the Washoe County Health District and many other local, state and national healthcare partners to ensure our patients have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ & Resources


What online resource has the most up-to-date information for Washoe County?
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Is Northern Nevada HOPES vaccinating HOPES patients?
Not yet. We hope to begin doing so once we have reliable access to the vaccine and can provide it to scheduled patients who are eligible. Additionally, we hope to direct our patients to other vaccine clinics for those not needing an appointment for other medical care. We are working closely with Washoe County, the state and HRSA, in hopes that we can be part of the solution in the near future. If/When we are able to begin, we will follow the County priority guidance.

Where can seniors sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine waiting list? 

When can seniors get vaccinated?

Sign up here & learn more:…/seniors-65-older-asked-to…/  

Where am I on the priority list?

The State determines priority.

How will I know it’s my time to get vaccinated?

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How do I access the Washoe County COVID-19 Response Team – COVID-19 Vaccine website?

Check it out:

Vaccine Locations

Vaccine Locations

We will post testing locations as they become available.
The sites listed will be permanent locations and not sporadic vaccine clinics. 

General Covid-19 Questions

Additional Covid-19 & Vaccine Questions

Where can I find additional information on COVID-19 and Vaccine information in Nevada?
Please visit the Immunize Nevada website.

I think I have COVID-19
If you think you have COVID-19, please call Washoe County Health District at (775) 328-2427 or visit their COVID-19 testing website to complete their risk assessment.

Screening Protocols for COVID-19 at Northern Nevada HOPES
Include info on HOPES Parking lot testing
If you think you need COVID-testing, please call (775) 329-6300 to make an appointment with your provider for a referral, or call Washoe County Health District at (775) 328-2427, or visit their COVID-19 testing website to complete their risk assessment.

Can you screen me for COVID-19 over the phone?
If you have had close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, or have a fever and cough, runny nose, muscle aches, or shortness of breath, please call the Washoe County Health District directly at (775) 328-2427 or visit their COVID-19 testing website to complete their risk assessment.

Screenings Prior to Entering HOPES
All clients should enter wearing a mask. Please ask if you need one.
We screen all patients and visitors for COVID-19 (coronavirus) prior to entering our health center. Staff will ask you and those in your group a few screening questions and take your temperature. We will continue to adapt our protocol and procedures as we learn more information.

If you bring a companion for your appointment, they will also be screened prior to being allowed to enter the building. Minors and adults with special needs may have one parent/guardian accompany them. The person accompanying the patient may not be allowed in the treatment area.

How can I prevent COVID-19?
Learn ways to prevent infection.

How can I support the Covid-19 efforts at HOPES?
More information can be found here.