“Every year, our transgender and gender-diverse neighbors face violent discrimination. Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we remember and mourn all of the transgender lives lost. Over 30 transgender and non-binary people have been murdered in the past year alone across the United States. While these victims come from all ages, genders, and walks of life, the vast majority are transgender women of color. Many more lives are lost every year to suicide driven by anti-transgender stigma, discrimination, and non-acceptance. Northern Nevada HOPES grieves this tragic and senseless loss. All transgender people deserve the opportunity to thrive and experience the unapologetic joy of being themselves. HOPES aims to support and uplift our transgender neighbors by providing a place where they can receive affirming and informed healthcare and supportive services. Today and every day, we envision a future where our transgender and gender-diverse neighbors can live openly and authentically without the fear of violence.” – Sydnie Walters, Gender Affirming Care Coordinator at Northern Nevada HOPES.

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We are currently gathering local businesses and organizations that provide friendly, positive experiences for our transgender and gender-diverse community. Click here to participate.

A huge thank you to the Dr. Barry Frank Family Fund for making Northern Nevada HOPES a safe place.