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Kylie Soares, APRN

Kylie Soares photo

Kylie Soares, APRN

Family Medicine, Adult Primary Care


Kylie Soares, who began practicing as a registered nurse in 2013 and as an APRN in 2020, is passionate about healthcare because she believes in meeting people where they are in their journey and creating a comfortable environment for patients to discuss their concerns. Kylie’s collaborative approach involves creating plans together with her patients on how to move forward, reflecting her commitment to patient-centered care.

Kylie joined HOPES to be a part of the solution for quality healthcare in the community. She values the organization’s dedication to providing accessible and comprehensive care to all individuals, aligning with her own mission to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery.

Personal Interests:

Kylie met her husband at the Reno Rodeo over 10 years ago and they have since created a life they love in Reno with their four children. As a family, they enjoy walks, going to the park, pizza nights, and game nights. Kylie aspires to create a hobby of building her own furniture, but for now, she’s a little busy being a mama to her little ones.


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