June is Pride Month and our talented and wonderful Registered Nurse, Brendan Dalton, shares why he is proud to be a member of the HOPESSquad!

As a member of the LGBTQ community, working at HOPES is like being at home with a very supportive family. I know that HOPES has worked with the LGBTQ population since its inception in 1997 so it is very clear that acceptance, tolerance, and empathy are at the core of HOPES’ mission. We serve an incredibly diverse population with equality and grace and have NEVER apologized about where we stand when it comes to diversity and equal access to care.

HOPES has a great culture. We have fun together and laugh together, but we also support each other and work as a team to really encourage community change and empower people with the courage to alter their health outcomes. We offer a plethora of LGBTQ-friendly services, whether it’s providing HIV testing, PrEP and PeP services, behavioral health services, HRT (hormone replacement therapy), or just providing a safe space for LGBTQ people to hold a meeting or group.

I will always feel safe and empowered as a HOPES team member. I know there is prejudice out there – but it doesn’t have a place at HOPES – and we will always strive to keep it that way.” – Brendan Dalton, RN | Change Point RN