You’re out running solo on a trail when you slip and fall and find yourself injured. What do you do? If you have the American Heart Association Pocket First Aid app, you can watch a video, look at illustrations and figure out what you need to do until help can reach you.

The app covers the most common first-aid scenarios, including choking, burns, bites, wounds, seizures, CPR and diabetic emergencies. You can also keep a record of your medicines, allergies, and doctors and create a medical profile for each member of your family.

All first aid articles, videos, and illustrations are stored on your iPhone or Android making them accessible even if you’re out of cell service range.

In 2010, Dan Woolley survived for 65 hours under rubble while using the app. Wooley found out how to create a tourniquet for his leg and a bandage to stop the bleeding from his head wound. Read about Wooley’s tale of survival during an earthquake in Haiti.

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