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National Eat Your Veggies Day 2024: Veggie Face Recipe

It’s National Eat Your Veggies Day on Monday 6/17!

Did you know the goal for all adults and children is to eat at least three different vegetables every day? It might seem like a lot, but vegetables provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that our bodies need. They help prevent inflammation, aid digestion, promote a healthy weight, and reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

So, how can you fit in all those vegetables? Kate and Kim, our Registered Dietitians at Northern Nevada HOPES, recommend spreading out your vegetable intake throughout the day. Adults should aim for 1 cup of vegetables at lunch and 1 cup at dinner. For kids, a portion should be about the size of their hand or fist. Think of a large handful of baby carrots with a sandwich or steamed green beans with dinner. This covers two of the three daily servings. For the third serving, try having veggies as a snack! Check out our recipe for Veggie Faces below for a fun and easy way to boost your vegetable intake between meals. If your kids feel too grown-up for food faces, make the homemade ranch dip (only two ingredients!) and serve it with colorful veggies.

And voila!

You’ll have your Veggie Face!


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