From The WashoeDems Citizen Lobby:

Dear Nevada supporters of Equality:

SB353 is the ban on ‘sexual orientation conversion therapy’ for minors introduced by Senator Parks. It would protect gay teens from torture at the hands of unethical licensed mental health practitioners who dupe parents on the medically false idea that sexual orientation can be changed, often with religious motivations. This is happening in Nevada. Conversion therapy causes permanent harm to children.

The original bill is being amended to protect transgender as well as gay/lesbian minors from conversion therapy.  We all need to stand together for an inclusive bill.

Talking points:

  • Protect our LGBT kids from the torture of conversion “therapy”
  • Conversion therapy perpetrated on adolescents can cause a lifetime of harm.
  • California, New Jersey, and D.C. have banned conversion therapy. Oregon Legislature just passed a ban. 17 other states are considering.
  • Former leaders of the ‘ex-gay’ movement now admit conversion therapy doesn’t work and is harmful.
  • Protect both gay/lesbian and transgender teens.

Please comment “FOR” SB353 online at https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/Opinions/78th2015/A/

Please help get SB353 back on track by contacting your own legislators and these key legislators:

Contact Other CLE Committee members (ask to vote for amended SB353):

Contact co-sponsors (Thank them for moving SB353 forward and ask protect both gay/lesbian and transgender kids):