Washoe Legal Services Can Help You Stay In Your Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By April 5, 2020 Blog

HOPES’ partners at Washoe Legal Services are encouraging anyone facing any kind of involuntary eviction or housing termination to contact Washoe Legal Services at 775-329-2727 or intake@washoelegalservices.org.  Washoe Legal Services has strategies to deal with landlords that are violating the Governor’s Directive regarding evictions. 

Explanation of the Governor’s Moratorium on Evictions

For the duration of the state of emergency, landlords are PROHIBITED from doing any of the following things, regardless of whether tenants cannot pay the rent, or the lease has terminated: 

1) Change the locks; 

2) Give tenants eviction notices; or

3) Scare tenants into moving out by any means, including telling them they have to get out, threatening to call the cops or threatening to evict, destroying or removing tenant property, etc. 

Furthermore, landlords CANNOT charge any late fees during the state of emergency.  Landlords are encouraged to work with tenants, which can include accepting partial rent or entering into repayment agreements.  The Governor has made it very clear that his directive also applies to “those residing in extended stay motels and weekly rentals.”  You can access the Governor’s Directive at the following link: https://nvhealthresponse.nv.gov/news-resources/governor-directives-and-declarations/   

Finally, the Governor has stated that any landlord attempting to “get around” his clear Directive will be “dealt with harshly.”  The Attorney General’s office will investigate reports of landlords violating the Governor’s directive, which can result in harsh penalties for landlords.  In addition to seeking legal help from Washoe Legal Services, tenants are encouraged to report a landlord’s violation of the Directive by accessing the following link: ag.nv.gov/Complaints/File_Complaint/