HOPES would like to say thanks to the participants of the Diabetes Management Program, which just ended yesterday.

The program was a part of a grant from the CVS Health Foundation encouraging people to gain knowledge and forge better habits to help them manage diabetes.

For a year, these program participants invited HOPES staff into their homes to talk about the challenges they face with diabetes. With a little encouragement and education from HOPES employees, participants were able to make positive changes in their lives that made sense for each individual, including better shopping habits and more exercise.

During check ups with participants, HOPES medical providers paid special attention to the needs of patients with diabetes to help monitor their progress.

To say thanks for going through the program, HOPES invited participants to a congratulation party with gifts and healthy food. Program participants received crock-pots, colanders, health eating cookbooks and other tools to help them continue their progress.

Congratulation to all the participants!

Here are a few pictures from the party: