Stories of HOPES patients

A New Me – Yolanda’s Journey with Hope Springs

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Yolanda was Hope Springs’ very first resident and program graduate. Since leaving the program, she has been approved for an affordable, sober living apartment complex. She has found employment at a fast food restaurant where she will soon begin training to become a general manager, and even recently purchased a…

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Reclaiming My Life – Diana’s Story

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In January of 2022, Diana arrived at Hope Springs after spending time in rehab. She had spent six years without a home, living by the river. Before Diana was homeless, she was a scientist in the Bay Area — she received her PhD in Microbiology from USF. In between jobs,…

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Kendra’s Fresh Start

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In 2020, Kendra was a healthcare worker on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, balancing three jobs in pulmonary care, mental health, and the nonprofit space. At a certain point, things became overwhelming, leading to compassion fatigue and burnout. “I was a workaholic basically,” Kendra later reflected. “Uncomfortable in my…

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Investing in Health and Hope – Nancy’s Story

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Putting yourself first is an important part of taking control of your health. For busy moms, that can be hard to do. Nancy, a mother balancing a hectic schedule, knew this all too well. “In my life, I have always put my family first,” she said.“Their needs first.” Over time,…

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Integrated Care in Action – Jason’s Story

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In 2019, Cindy was granted guardianship of her grandson Jason. Jason came to Cindy traumatized with emotional scars from some tough years. Focused on helping him heal, Cindy got Jason established as a patient at HOPES with pediatrician Dr. Kathleen O’Connor. “I felt pretty alone. Without resources,” Cindy explains. “This…

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Patients benefit everyday from the onsite art programs at HOPES.

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At HOPES, we say it all the time and witness it every day, an individual’s health is much more than medical care alone. As a Patient Centered Medical Home, HOPES provides integrated medical and wellness services, with a focus on lowering barriers for underserved communities. Our onsite wellness services include…

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Learning to Smile Again

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Alex Johnson felt like he was living the dream. He had a nice house, was happily married, had two children in high school who were doing great, and was the primary caregiver for his parents who both had Alzheimer's disease. He was the type of guy who gave out crisp...
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Making a Home

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Drinking a cup of coffee from Starbucks and catching up on Game of Thrones. That is what Daniel was looking forward to when he was released from prison on a quiet Sunday morning in July. Just a short three months later, Daniel’s thoughts were on how he could get back…

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