Healthy Money Habits

Financial health is part of your overall health

Healthy Money Habits is a free program available to Northern Nevada HOPES patients. We work to help patients stabilize their finances in order to improve their overall health and well-being.

How do finances affect health?
Financial instability increases stress, which can weaken our immune system and make us vulnerable to illness. It can affect our mental health, leading to anxiety, depression and insomnia. It can also contribute to migraines, heart disease, weight gain and digestive problems. Tight finances may impact our ability to provide adequate nutrition and shelter, further endangering our health.

How HOPES can help
HOPES is here to help you reach financial wellness by providing education, coaching and other services. We’ll work with you to set attainable goals, improve credit, make good budgeting decisions, and connect you with resources that can help stretch your budget. Our goal is to help you achieve financial health and economic stability, which may look different for every individual.

Looking for support?
If you are a patient at HOPES, you can contact one of our community health workers to schedule an appointment.
Diana: 775.786.4673 x 7120 or

If you are interested in becoming a patient at HOPES to access comprehensive medical care, as well as numerous wellness services like the Healthy Money Habits program, visit our Become a Patient page.