Stories of HOPES patients

Making a Home

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Drinking a cup of coffee from Starbucks and catching up on Game of Thrones. That is what Daniel was looking forward to when he was released from prison on a quiet Sunday morning in July. Just a short three months later, Daniel’s thoughts were on how he could get back…

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A Survivor Gains Hope

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Ronnie Harrison’s life changed on April 19, 1995 when he witnessed the Oklahoma City bombing. Before the bombing Ronnie had a stable life: he was proudly serving as a federal court clerk, had his own home and car and was raising two foster children, getting them ready to go off...
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Regaining Independence

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HOPES was there for L.B. Tate L.B. Tate has become a beloved face when he rolls up to the front desk at HOPES. He’s always upbeat, happy and is known to be a bit of a flirt. Though he has made a lot of friends with HOPES staff, his closest...
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The Road To Better Health

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Kathleen’s brave decision to leave her decades-long abusive relationship had left her homeless – and the world outside was not kind to Kathleen. The shelters she stayed in provided food and a bed, but offered no programs to help a single woman get back on her feet. The free clinics...
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Baby Alvaro

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HOPES Welcomes a New Family When baby Alvaro suddenly landed in his Uncle Jose’s care, he felt overwhelmed. Jose did have the help of his mother, but it has been ages since she cared for a newborn and they didn’t have any milk, diapers or a crib for Alvaro. When...
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Just Call Him Pops

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HOPES encountered Steve "Pops" Popovich just under a year ago while case managers were doing street outreach. Since becoming a patient, Pops has become a familiar face around the Community Health Center as case managers and a team of medical providers empowered him to take control of his health and...
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A Breath of Fresh Air

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Radhika Siddharthan, a HOPES Pediatric Physician Assistant, recently welcomed a new patient to our pediatric clinic, 9-year-old Maria*. Maria has asthma and was experiencing constant wheezing, shortness of breath and was waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air. She used a rescue inhaler on a daily basis and…

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Jonah’s Story

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Jonah's Story Here at HOPES, we have seen many inspirational stories of people taking control of their lives. We are sharing Jonah's story because his perseverance, optimism, and enthusiasm should be as source of encouragement for us all.  Jonah is a client of HOPES who was struggling when case managers first met...
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