Radhika Siddharthan, a HOPES Pediatric Physician Assistant, recently welcomed a new patient to our pediatric clinic, 9-year-old Maria*. Maria has asthma and was experiencing constant wheezing, shortness of breath and was waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air. She used a rescue inhaler on a daily basis and would often go to the ER.

During her first visit to HOPES, Radhika switched Maria to a new care plan and scheduled a one-on-one teaching appointment to show her how to use her new inhaler. When the girl came back a month later for her check up, Radhika noted she was doing much better.

“She was doing beautifully, she had no symptoms and was running, playing and having fun again,” Radhika said. “She was back to being a normal kid.”

To show her gratitude, Maria left this note for Radhika: