Community Meeting Room

Due to COVID-19, Northern Nevada HOPES’ Community Rooms are temporarily unavailable for public use. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for you understanding.


If you are looking for a space to hold a meeting or gathering, Northern Nevada HOPES has a Community Meeting Room to meet your needs.

The Community Meeting Room is located on the third floor of HOPES. The Community Meeting Room can hold up to 106 people or can be split to accommodate smaller meetings of up to 50 people with white board partitions separating the room.

To reserve a community meeting room, fill out the form below and a HOPES staff member will contact you to confirm your reservation. You may also make reservations over the phone by calling 775-997-7545.

When using the HOPES community meeting room, please note:

Please leave the room the way you found it and take any items you brought into the room back out with you or throw them away in the trash. Groups will be responsible for any damages incurred to the facility during the meeting time.

No Sunday Bookings:
Sunday bookings for the Community Meeting Room are generally not accepted.

IT Support:
Both meeting rooms have televisions with connected laptops* for meetings and presentations. Microphones are also available.

External Drive Warning:
If you are bringing a USB drive or any other external drive to plug into a HOPES laptop for your meeting, HOPES IT will have to review the drive to make sure there is no harmful software on it.

Noise Warning: 
You may get cross noise from the other half of the room if the partition is up. Please be courteous to other meeting groups and be mindful of your noise level.

Please indicate if you intend to invite members of the media, or if you anticipate members of the media attending your event, so we can connect you with our marketing team.

Movie Screenings
If you plan to show a movie or documentary, please ensure you have obtained the appropriate rights to do so.

Weekend Meetings:
HOPES will only be able to provide limited tech and facility support on the weekends.

Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Meeting Is Subject To Change:
On rare occasions, your meeting may have to be modified in some way. HOPES personnel will contact you before your meeting to make arrangements.

The community meeting room without the partition up. The full meeting room can hold up to 106 people depending on the configuration.

The community meeting room with the partition up. The half meeting room can hold 50 people depending on the configuration.






Suggested Donation

The Community Meeting Room is a free service for the Reno community, but HOPES encourages groups to contribute to the cost of cleaning and maintenance of the room.

HOPES has suggested donations based on the size of your group:

Group Size:

0 – 25
26 – 50
51 – 106
Extended Meeting

Suggested Gift:


HOPES encourages a $150 suggested donation be made for extended meetings (4+ hours).

Community Meeting Room Booking Form

After submitting your booking, please allow our system a few moments to process your request.